Kent Safari Tours has built a strong and enviable reputation as the most hospitable, efficient and trusted partner with ability to accord the best of services to our clients at pocket-friendly and affordable prices. Our quality service to our clients is an assurance of “return on investment” of the monies they will choose to incur in the endeavor to discover and enjoy the natural resource endowment of Uganda.
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  • Offer first class services to our clients in line with the Internationally accepted best practices
  • Establishing a cordial working relationship with all our clients so as to make them feel at home when on tour
  • Contribute to the growth of the country’s tourism sector through building synergies and fostering cooperation with all stakeholders in the sector
  • Assemble a team of individuals with high integrity responsible for offering the hospitality that will be envied even by our competitors, here and beyond


The dedicated service that we offer to our clients hinges on our belief that “Good Things that Happen Actuate the Next.” This bestows an obligation onto us to serve our clients with utmost Diligence and Commitment so as to foster that long-lasting relationship, that will not only help them feel at home while in Uganda, but will make them consider Uganda their second home.


Maintaining our reputation as the most reliable and most trusted tour company across the African continent and beyond.

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