Famously Known As A “City Of Seven Hills,” Kampala, Covering An Area Of 189 Km², With A Population Of 1.6 Million People Is Uganda’s National And Commercial Capital Bordering Lake Victoria, Africa’s Largest Lake. Kampala was originally built on seven hills, but as its size keep increasing, it has expanded to more than hills than seven. The capital’s original seven hills are; Old Kampala Hill on which Fort Lugard, the first seat of the British colonialists in Uganda was situated, Mengo Hill which was the then Kibuga (capital) of Buganda kindgom at the start of British colonial rule, Kibuli Hill which was home to the Muslim faction during the Buganda religious wars of the 1888-1892. The hill is also the current site of the Kibuli Mosque. The fourth is Namirembe Hill that was home to the Anglican faction during the above-mentioned Buganda religious wars, and also site of Namirembe Anglican Cathedral. Rubaga Hill is the fifth hill and was home to the Catholic White Fathers (Wafaransa) faction during the prior mentioned Buganda religious wars and also site of the Rubaga Catholic Cathedral. The sixth is Nsambya Hill site of the former Cathedral of St Peter’s Nsambya and allocated to the British Catholic Mill Hill Mission during the signing of the Buganda Agreement of 1900. Nakasero is the seventh Hill on whose summit was established Fort Nakasero, a British military installation built after relocating from Fort Lugard in Old Kampala. The hill was also site of the European Hospital. Kampala is also famous for its nightlife, amazing attractions, coolest hang out spots, superb culture/nightlife, events, restaurants, hotels, casinos and more. Few cities across the African Continent can rival the happy life of Kampala, with some revelers branding it the “The City that never sleeps” and the city where “being bored is never an option.” In regards to accommodation, the city’s rapid growth has led to a robust hospitality industry. The city’s accommodation facilities can be categorized into apartments, hotels, guest houses, motels and lodges, offering budget, mid-range or luxury accommodation. Kampala’s list of the most prestigious hotels includes Sheraton Kampala Hotel, Kampala Serena Hotel, Pearl of Africa Hotel, Fang Fang Hotel, Kampala Protea Hotel, Golf Course Hotel, Afrique Suites Hotel, among others. The capital also boasts of an array of forex bureaus and several international banks, offering any traveler numerous options for exchanging foreign currency. The United States Dollar and the Pound Sterling are the strongest Foreign Currencies used in Uganda and the easiest to exchange. However, most Forex Bureaus reject Dollar notes issued 1997 and before, only accepting notes issued in the year 2000 onwards, with denominations smaller than US$50 also attracting a far lower exchange rate.