Built on 9 acres of well-maintained green, beautifully flowered walk ways and shaded by very mature fruit and other African trees, Ndere Centre is the true Home of Cultures. The place’s rare architecture is a seamless combination of artistic creativity with simplicity that takes African forms, materials, colors and construction to unprecedented heights. The Centre is tranquility at its best enabling one to enjoy blissful artistic creativity of Uganda and African musical performances.

The Centre, with its resident troupe – Ndere Troupe enthralls guests with amazing cultural songs, dances and unique instruments from 56 Nationalities (tribes) of Uganda, weaves them with humorously informative stories and presents them in an authentic but artistically developed spectacle, an experience not to be missed by any traveler. The Centre therefore offers the best introduction to Africa’s culture and ways of life for international guests to Uganda.

The above, coupled with the city’s other amazing niceties and attractions such as the annual Kampala City Carnival, coolest hang out spots, superb culture or nightlife, places Kampala among the cities that one must visit on the African continent.