Rwenzori is one of the highest mountains in East Arica and the highest in Uganda with Magherita as its highest peak. The Mountain is found in western Uganda, demarcating Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Hiking and climbing up to Mountain Stanley’s highest peak – Margherita Peak (third highest peak in Africa with 5,109 meters above sea level) takes 8 days.

In the Mountain’s higher altitudes one finds the magnificent giant heathers, ground-sells, Ericas and lobelias. The vegetation that one encounters depends on the altitude, and there are 5 vegetation zones found in the Rwenzori Mountains.

The Rwenzori Mountains National park hosts 80 species of birds, 4 species of primates and 15 species of butterflies. In the lower elevations of the mountains you can still find elephant, common chimpanzee and I’Hoests monkeys and in the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains some of the best Arabica Coffee in Africa is grown bringing prosperity to the growers and their families.