At the other end of a ceremonial Royal drive from the Lukiiko (Parliament) of Buganda Kingdom is the Lubiri (Kabaka’s / King’s Palace) built in 1922. The building was once converted into an army barracks, whilst the adjacent site became a notorious underground prison and torture chamber under Idi Amin in the 1970’s.

At the gate of the palace is a traditional fire place that has been burning since the inception of the Buganda Kingdom and one that never stops burning, lest a king is dead.

Here is a representation of all Baganda Clans and their respective role in this Kingdom since time immemorial as narrated by a royalist at this fire source. A mile away but directly positioned gate to gate is the Bulange- a parliament in which the Kabaka and his ministers have since old days sat to deliberate upon issues concerning Buganda Kingdom.

The architectural design of this building has proven a spectacular Uganda tour site to many local and international visitors.