Safety Tips

Is it safe to travel in Uganda?
In our opinion, and in our experience – yes! Uganda, at present, is probably one of the safest African destinations for Travelers. In Parks and at the border, drones are used, security Presence such as Rangers, the Military, Tourism Police, is also beefed up. Through an organized safari by Kent Safari Tours, you can enjoy a safe, stable and secure holiday with all your family. You will certainly have a sense of comfort and security when you are met at the airport on arrival and being in the care of Kent Safari Tours Staff / driver / guide throughout your visit.

If you are coming for business, as a Tourist, a volunteer or conventioneer, you will find no problem, besides what travelers can find in many cities around the world such as pickpockets, conmen, however, those are relatively easy to deal with just by mere use of common sense.

The following therefore are some of top Things that a visitor should avoid so as not to arouse unnecessary attention from a few crooks around;

Never act lost even if you are
That may sound a bit funny, but when one acts and looks lost they make themselves vulnerable and a potential target for thieves. If you are lost, ask a police officer or go into a shop and ask for directions. And you will find people most helpful. Another option is to jump on a Motorcycle (Boda Boda as commonly known in the country), Taxi (Special hire / Uber) and have them take you there. There about 30,000 plus boda-bodas in Kampala.

Thieves are always on a lookout in any town including in Kampala for people who seem lost, disoriented. Even if you are lost, act as if you know where you are going, ask the right people, and you will be just fine. However, if you are on a safari with us, there will never be a possibility of you getting lost since our staff / guides / drivers are always in tow to offer you all the necessary direction and guidance.

Keep your Jewelry at home
Gold chains and jewelry can be torn from you

Expensive watches, if you are walking on some of Kampala Streets can also be easily stolen, use a leather band that you can secure, for your watch. Avoid expensive watches and if you are wearing one, have one preferably with a leather strap that can be tightened and safely worn

Buy some local Ugandan crafted jewelry and support a local artisan and their families and you will safe-keep your expensive items at home and at the same time make a difference in Uganda through your purchase of local hand-crafted items

Keep your money out of sight
It is best to carry your money in the front pocket where you can put your hand over it and not a back pocket where it can easily be stolen
Do not wear the various kinds of belted packs for money and valuables that are worn on the outside of your garments.

Do not flash money, pull out what you need and pay, never carry large amounts with you. Keep cash and any other valuables in your hotel safe.

Be cautious at ATM Machines where you have people around you, besides security Staff from the Bank. If someone volunteers to help you, decline the offer.

Passports and Return Tickets
Do not carry a passport with you while away from your hotel or lodge. If anything, have a copy of it and leave the passport in the hotel safe.

Protect your Documents
Vital Documents to protect are any prescriptions from your doctor, credit cards, among others

Photographic Equipment (Protect Camera and Binoculars)
Such items are highly expensive here, about twice what it would cost you in your country of origin. So, it is a temptation for some to steal from you. Keep your equipment in a bag, strapped onto you. When taking a picture, hold it with both hands and roll strap around your hand so no one can grab it from you.
Never loosely put a camera on the shoulder on a strap, the same with binoculars if you should take them into town

Have and Protect your Mobile – Cell Phone
Mobile phones are stolen daily in Uganda – hold on to it tightly. The theft of a mobile phone is one of the most common thefts here. The thief only removes the Sim Card and sells the phone to someone
Keep your Mobile Cell-Phone in your pocket and do not carry it in your hands. If you carry it in your hands, someone may take a cigarette, burn your hand, and you drop the phone when pain strikes, and it is gone
Do not put in on a table in a restaurant or bar since again someone might just come and grab it – Stay on the safe side. Smart-Phones are especially sought after by thieves, and they will steal them even in a restaurant. Never put your mobile phone on a table when going out.

Night Travel
Keep walking at night to a minimum, unless is a necessity. Moving at night might be safe on a crowded street, but it is best to be with a Ugandan or someone who knows the country and one with more information about the area. Do not walk alone on your own in most neighborhoods, to be on the safe side. You do not hear of many cases where Visitors to Uganda are robbed or harmed, but it is best to be wise and smart to avoid walking at night in a place, town that you do not know.

We DISCOURAGE our guests from driving at night. The reason is not so much robbery, but it is because statistics show that most accidents in Uganda often happen during night hours due to the fact that most people drive under the influence of Alcohol.

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