Visiting Historic Sites

Many of our tours offer opportunities to visit ancient places such as UNESCO World Heritage Sites where entrance fees contribute to the maintenance and restoration of these unique places. Kent Safari Tours asks that our travelers follow the instructions of staff and local guides at all times. Kent staff and travelers should respect signage and instructions given and leave no litter or graffiti behind, even if other visitors have done so. We ask that travelers do not attempt to remove any rocks, stones or other souvenirs of the location and never purchase such items from vendors as this can encourage the ongoing destruction of local areas of interest. Some of our tours may involve a small amount of camping. Kent tours aims to ‘take only photos and leave only footprints’ wherever we camp. We have developed simple guidelines for responsible camping.

  • Keep campsites small and focus activity on previously cleared areas
  • Do not disturb vegetation
  • Use existing Camping sites
  • Do not urinate near or into streams or dump chemicals into the water
  • Use the toilet and ablution facilities provided
  • Avoid using soaps with phosphates and don’t wash while you’re swimming if the fresh waterway is likely to be polluted for local people downstream
  • Be considerate of other campers and keep the noise down at night-time
  • Be considerate when lighting a campfire. Is it an appropriate and safe area? Are the fuels used to light the fire from a renewable resource? Will it be possible to put out the fire afterwards and ensure it does not leave any blemishes on the local landscape?
  • People are not tourist attractions, and should never be treated as such. Many of our staff are involved with local initiatives, charities and programs that support local economies by showcasing customs and heritage. We respect the insight that this offers, and ask that our travelers are respectful to all people, cultures, sites and landscapes that we visit.

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